Get your Formal together

with our experienced team with over 10+ years in the industry with the hotels/venues we have set up in over 100+ locations. We make sure the ride is nice and smooth while putting together an awesome experience for your Chapter.

Services Offered

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Preset Packages

Go big while keeping it

simple, easy and inexpensive

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Custom Trips

Get as crazy as you want, we’ve planned everything. We’ll make sure your experience is exactly what you’re looking for



We have personal connections that make things easy and contractual policies in place that protect you, take advantage of them

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 Utilize our fleet of preferred vendors we’ve established strong relationships with and set up  specifically for the college demographic 

Popular Trips

Feel the energy of the city. Let us provide you with an itinerary to take in during the day and  get you into the top spots at night.

Big City Weekends

Big City Weekends

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Beach Trips

Accommodations on the beach pool side with a close venue in walking distance to keep things simple and fun.

Beach Trips

Mountain/Lake Get Away

Full of outdoor activities, grilling and lodging. Cozy quarters with cabins or lodges.

Mountain & Lake Retreats

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Senior & Spring Break Trips

Do something unique with your pledge class or close buddies. Grab some dates or don’t, we’ll set up a great time for you.

Custom Grad or Spring Break Trips

What's up with BD Formals?

         Our team stretches out across the Country having planned hundreds of Formals across the United States. We have a huge inventory of hotels/resorts and venues for all our Clients to get exclusive access to. We go off your budget and customize your Formal or Trip tailored to your needs while sourcing you plenty of hotel and venue options in multiple cities to look at and choose from. From there, our team sets up a simple calendar based management system to smoothly handle all those final x's and o's up until the day of check in. We give a lot back to our Clients, especially the Formal Chair/Planning Exec working with us as we continue to build our brand and presence across the U.S. Please submit your trip info below or give us a call! 

California College Fraternity Formal Planning Service
Big Daddy Formals


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Commitment to Service

Becoming a

      First and foremost we want to make sure it makes sense for you and your Chapter to work with us on your trips/formals , along with mutual interest among your executive council with our planning team to utilize our services. All pricing, costs, set up desired and inclusions will be clearly defined and agreed to prior to any commitments. 

       After you're signed up and a new client under our wing, you'll have a specific planner from our team working with your Social/Formal Chair to set up your Chapter's formal/travel plans for the year. Locations, ideal set ups, inclusions needed will all go into laying out multiple hotel/venue options in your budget range in the various locations discussed for you guys to pick and choose from.

Finding My Chapter's Hotel and Venue Options

      After your chapter comes to a decision on the right destination with the according accommodations and venue options, we then make sure contractual terms and policies with the according hotel/resort and venues in relation to procedures and liability are taken care of to make sure you're protected. Then payment plans, important due dates and guidelines will be laid out with your planning team or formal/social chair. 

Finalizing Accommodations and Venue(s)

        After your accommodations and venues are locked in, a Reservations Manager will be assigned to your Formal/Trip. The Reservations Manager will help execute and facilitate all additional details that will need to be covered up until the day of check in/event date while handling the back and forth of information/requests between the client to the hotel and/or venue. 

After Hotel and Venue(s) are Locked In

Around 30 days prior to your check in/event date, members payments need to be collected and accounted for, the headcount  finalized and rooming list is sent in. Final payments will then be due the following week. One week prior to check in or event date, a link to your final itinerary with check in procedures, locations, contacts, details of your formal, important notes and specific aspects of your trip will be sent out to all of your members.

Leading up to
Check In/Event Date