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Terms of Service




1. Initial Planning Agreement Down Payment

1.1 If the Chapter is unable to pursue options provided thus need to cancel after the initial “Planning Agreement” is signed and paid for, the down payment amount will then be credited towards a future event with BigDaddyFormals. 

1.2 The Planning Team at BigDaddyFormals assumes that initial planning guidelines agreed to are subject to change and that factors in those conditions can be out of individuals/members control. However, refund of the initial down payment is at full discretion of BigDaddyFormals and subject to be non refundable. 

1.3 Only in the instance that BigDaddyFormals is unable to provide hotel and/or venue options in the given parameters agreed to as stated in the “Planning Agreement,” the down payment may be refunded. 


2. Service Charge

2.1 The “Client” understands there is a “Service Charge” agreed to in order to utilize all of BigDaddyFormals Services. This Service charge will be acknowledged and agreed to prior to a Planning Agreement being signed and paid for.


3. Pricing 

3.1 Pricing and monetary terms will be in the form of “per couple” unless requested differently, and budget range for per couple pricing along with any financial contributions/subsidies from the Chapter will be discussed and outlined from “the Client” in the Planning Agreement being signed and paid for. Pricing will be listed on the varying proposals from BigDaddyFormal’s planning team given to a Client based on Client’s desired Event Plans as discussed. 

3.2 Pricing within the "per couple" format simply packages each member and their dates accommodation and/or formal/event and/or transportation costs into one price that includes the service fee of BigDaddyFormals. 

3.3 If Per Couple pricing is not desired by potential Client, BigDaddyFormals' will adhere to pricing and billing structure as needed outlined by Client, including individual payment structure for each member attending. Please note individual payments need to be paid by credit or debit card, a 3% credit card processing will be assesed. 


4. Booking Deposit

4.1 A “Booking Deposit” is required to reserve the Client’s decided upon accommodations and/or chosen venue option. Once the Booking Deposit is signed and paid, if the Client then cancels, BigDaddyFormals has full discretion of their Client’s “Booking Deposit.”

4.2 Unless agreed to in writing from BigDaddyFormals, cancellation after a certain date requires additional charges “Cancellation Amount” that is an amount higher than the additional booking deposit amount, and thus the deposit amount will then go towards the according cancellation amount. 

4.3 If there is not any cancellation amount due, the Booking Deposit amount paid is applied as a credit towards another event/formal in the future. 


5. Additional Pricing and Costs

5.1 Client understands in addition to the agreed pricing, additional costs can arise and pricing is subject to change based on security costs, change in resort/accommodation fees, additional venue inclusions desired, change in venue space and food & beverage minimums as attendee counts fluctuate. 

5.2 Hotel/Resort sales management error on accommodations including pricing of rates, booking of correct room types, reserving the according amount of inventory agreed to, and miscalculation of occupancy fees or ordinance taxes. 

5.3 If transportation is included, dropping or adding buses in addition to driver’s hotel/parking costs are subject to additional charges that may not be accounted for in original per couple price or included in estimation on total cost of event/formal.


6. Final Billing

6.1 The client and BigDaddyFormals will agree in contract to payment deadlines and final invoice due date. In most cases unless previously discussed, the final invoice will be paid through Client’s chapter checking account via check or wire transfer to avoid credit card processing fees. If the Chapter has requested Individual Payment, a link will be created via text that members can pay through via credit or debit card. 

6.2  BigDaddyFormals will try their best to accommodate any delayed payments after the final invoice due date without a late fee charge, however the client can incur possible late fees imposed as stated in contract signed with BigDaddyFormals if final payments are not completed by the given due date. 

6.3 If any final invoice payments are void an NSF fee of a small percentage of final amount due as stated in contract will be assessed. 


7. Tax

7.1 Certain taxes may apply based on location event is being held with specific hotels or venues chosen.

7.2 Additional citywide ordinance taxes not accounted for or acknowledged upfront from hotel or additional service or booking charge from venue can be imposed at a later time.


8. Credit Card Fees

8.1 A processing fee of 3% will be charged on all Credit Card Payments. Alternate methods of payment are accepted to avoid this charge.

8.2 Given the parameters of payment deadlines and accessibility to other forms of payment a credit card in some cases will be the only acceptable method of payment at the time.


9. Attendee Count 

9.1 The client will need to provide an accurate attendee count agreed to when completing the “Booking Deposit.”Client cannot go under 10% of the number provided on the “Booking Deposit Form” and understands that if attendee count drops less than 10% of the number provided, the per couple pricing is subject to change and likely to increase. 

9.2 BigDaddyFormals will make every effort to accommodate the fluctuation of attendee size and minimize the associated cost differences. Client acknowledges in the occasion of their attendee count increasing significantly, understand the larger amount of attendance of the group is at the discretion of the current availability at the given hotel/resort to be able to provide the influx of rooms, and/or venue decided upon may affect the parameters of specific event space in relation to capacity guidelines.


10. Change in Event/Trip Date

10.1 If after the “Booking Deposit” is signed and paid for and client needs to change weekend date, BigDaddyFormals will do their best to accommodate the change with the same hotel and/or venue at same per couple price. 

10.2 Client acknowledges that in some instances, there will be an additional fee imposed from hotel or venue associated with moving event to a new date, or in regard to to Clients accommodations, higher pricing to move to a different weekend based on specific hotel/venue policies and availability/rates on a given weekend in that specific area. 

10.3 Client understands that a change in hotel and/or venue might be necessary to accommodate the group in a similar layout and pricing as initially planned. In some instances, a client’s booking deposit amount may be forfeited when a change in weekend date occurs if there is no current availability of new date desired and/or the client and BigDaddyFormals cannot come up with an agreed upon alternative. 

11. Cancellation

11.1 If after Client finalizes hotel and/or venue decided upon and Booking Deposit contract is filled out, signed and paid for, unless previously confirmed in writing from BigDaddyFormals, if a client cancels within a time frame up until 30 days out from the check in or event date, additional cancellation amounts will need to be paid in order to void contract/services.

11.2 BigDaddyFormals will work with the hotel and/or venue as best as they can to minimize cancellation amounts due, and/or provide rebooking clauses with the same hotel or venue to be agreed to and utilized by a six or twelve month period. Payment plans and future credits can be discussed if client is unable to pay the cancellation amount due at the time. 


12. Cancellation within 30 Days prior to Event or Check in Date

12.1 Unless previously stated in writing from BigDaddyFormals, any cancellation within 30 days prior to the event or check in date client will have to pay the full amount of their formal/event despite not being able to carry out their function. 

12.2 After the full cancellation amount is paid for by client, BigDaddyFormals will then assess with the according hotel and/or venue any refund amounts given and thus refund the client accordingly within 30-60 days after their event date.


13. If Hotel or Venue Cancels

13.1 Client takes in account that a hotel/resort and or venue may need to cancel or back out on a given reservation at anytime to due to circumstances outside of BigDaddysFormals control. In this case after consulting with the client, BigDaddyFormals will find the best alternative solution available at the same per couple price point. 

13.2 If only more expensive options available, BigDaddyFormals will work with the client to pay the difference of the additional costs of the new hotel and/or venue agreed to.


14. Employee Error

14.1 In the case that an employee of BigDaddyFormals commits an error that gravely affects the Client’s experience where they wish to discontinue BigDaddyFormals services, the Booking Deposit will be refunded and thus a cancellation of BigDaddyFormals Services. 

14.2 BigDaddyFormals will have to consider the time of the error and validity of the refund request prior to processing any refund amount of the Booking Deposit back to the client. 


15. Final Attendee Count/Rooming Lists

15.1 Final Attendee Count and Rooming List due dates are agreed to months ahead of time. If not completed on time or in the appropriate manner, the front desk of the hotel or venue manager of your formal/event on duty might not have the proper names, or attendee count and thus provide difficulties for check in when arriving at the hotel, or seating arrangements or capacity problems at the venue. 

15.2 Client acknowledges that not accounting for the proper attendee count or unable to provide the correct name on a rooming list can result in difficulties for its chapter and members that BigDaddyFormals is not at fault for. 


16. Security 

16.1 Client understands that BigDaddyFormals will do their best to acknowledge security guidelines and payments initially when speaking with hotels and venues however changes in policy and pricing on security deposit amounts and/or guards needed are subject to change and at discretion of hotel and/or venue. All refundable security deposits and incidental amounts will come from client from a separate credit card(s) client will provide along with the necessary authorization agreements signed and filled out prior to day of check in or event. 

16.2 BigDaddyFormals is not responsible for and has no relationship with security policies as mandated by hotel and or/venue. Client will be made well aware of behavior accepted and the according policies on violations that may be incurred are at the discretion of the hotel and/or venue holding their formal/event. 


17. Additional Payments Post Event 

17.1 Client acknowledges in the case that a hotel or venue provides clear documentation that the expected attendee count agreed to and paid for is over the amount the client contracted with BigDaddyFormals and thus BigDaddyFormals is additionally charged, the client will be charged for the appropriate per couple price for the additional attendee count. BigDaddyFormals has the right to charge the according card on file associated with the clients account after presenting clear documentation to client. 

17.2 In addition to higher attendee count, any significant damages associated with the event taking place at the given venue that are charged or any additional venue inclusions not agreed to and are charged to BigDaddyFormals, the according amount will be clearly documented and client’s credit card on file will be charged 


18. Force Majeur 

The Performance of the Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, government authority, disaster, strikes, civil disorders, pandemics, or other emergencies, any of which make it illegal, impossible, or inadvisable (by government officials or from University members) to provide the facilities and/or services for the event. The performance for such party shall be excused for such reasonable time as may be required to resume performance following cessation of such cause. If unable to resume performance, it is provided that this Agreement may be terminated without liability for any one or more of such reasons by written notice form one party to the other.


19. Release of Liability  

19.1 I On behalf of my Fraternity/Sorority or Group of surrounding members “The Client” planning our Trip/Event with BigDaddyFormals agree to forever release, discharge, and hold harmless BigDaddyFormals and it’s owners, managers, employees from any and all liability, claims or demands that “The Client” may incur for injuries, financial loss, damage to personal property and death that may arise from participation. 

19.2 The Client agrees to release BigDaddyFormals for any type of claim related to “The Client’s” participation in activities including transportation to, from and during event, the use of facilities, food and beverage packages, or certain equipment. 


20. Acknowledgement of Agreement

20.1 I acknowledge that myself and surrounding members of my Fraternity/Sorority or Group referred to as “The Client” have voluntarily agreed to utilize and pay for services from BigDaddyFormals. 

20.2 The Client understands it’s their responsibility to be familiar with all agreements, payments, guidelines, regulations, special instructions, policies and procedures communicated to them and in writing from BigDaddyFormals to properly execute their Trip/Event. 

20.3 The Client and it’s participating members acknowledge they are responsible and held liable for all actions and behavior of individuals during their event/trip. 

20.4 BigDaddyFormals is a third party group travel planning service and the agreements and contracts signed and paid for between BigDaddyFormals and the “Client” are a separate binding agreement from the agreements and contracts signed and paid for between BigDaddyFormals and the according Hotels/Venues. 


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