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  • What's the value of using a third party planning company versus planning on our own?
    A. Being able to plan early which allows you to get the best pricing/save $$$ and be out in front on your plans, helps your Chapter with cash flow and overall turn out. B. We set up specific hotels/resorts and venues that are happy to have you there, won't try to boot you, take advantage, or nickel and dime you on the back end. We have a huge fleet of hotels/venue in most every destination you will have access to. C. We are able to provide exclusive rates we get with our preferred hotel vendors and venues we've partnered with, and will work with whatever budget you have. D. Having a professional planning team that guides you along the way, using us to find the best hotel and venue that fits your Chapter and then executing all the little details that need to be covered to make sure you and your members have an awesome weekend trip.
  • Why does BigDaddyFormals ask for upfront commitment?
    1. The neccessary amount of time and resources it takes upfront to have our planning team carry out initial planning consultations on locations, inclusions, specifc set ups and then setting up all those desired options discussed takes a large commitment on our end to put together those options that match your budget. 2. Once you decide on the right hotel/venue set up in the location desired, we then allow you to put a small deposit amount down in order to secure, then take time to negotiate out contracts and put clauses in place that protect you both liability wise, and monetarily by getting dinged with any back end charges. We also negotiate in free room upgrade hook ups and bonus inclusions for you. 3. We assign a dedicated reservations manager to execute all final details with your Social or Formal Chair/Planning Team. This reservation manager takes care of all those final x's and o's that need to be covered to make sure you and your Chapter will have a safe, fun and awesome weekend trip.
  • What's the cost or how much is your service fee?
    1. Our pricing structure and percentage in relation to your trip will be outlined and acknlowdged prior to any commitments from you. On average, our service fee to you is around 15% - $20% (what you normally should tip after a good dinner) of the total cost of your trip, but can vary based on your chapter's size and specific plans/inclusions you need, such as the addition of transportation, etc. 2. We agree to your per couple price range upfront or alternate pricing structure if desired. We will not have you commit to our services if we feel your budget is not realistic for what you want to do, or we will not be able to find you what you need in the budget you want with the according set up desired.
  • What if we want to change our plans or switch weekend dates?
    On average around 20% of trips/formals initially booked need to be switched around whether the Chapter decides they want to go somewhere else or there is scheduling conflict that arises. 1. We set up our planning and booking system to give you on average 2-3 locations to look at along with 3-4 accommodations options in each location with 4-5 Formal venue options to choose from, all in your budget range. From there, you decide on what best fits your Chapter out of the possible 10-20 different hotel/venue set ups. So it's very rare the your decided upon hotel/venue set up you later want to change up. 2. If after the initial decided upon hotel/venue set up is confirmed with your booking deposit, in most cases unless you are able to move and agree to a new date with the according hotel and/or venue thats works both for you and them, your initial booking deposit amount will be forfeited. Usually, we are able to apply a percentage of that booking deposit to your new plans or use as a credit towards a future trip with us. 2. We do have to note that any full cancellation within 30 days of your trip (per our terms of service) is subject to full payment, whether you travel or not. We then work on getting a portion refunded back to us from the according hotel/venue and refund you amount we feel is appropriate after we assess our monetary damages.
  • What if I just need help finding Accommodations or a Venue?
    We are very flexible in our services. If you simply need help finding a hotel or resort to stay at or need accommodations only, no problem! We make commissions directly from most hotels and resorts we work with 100% free of charge to you! If you are having trouble finding and locking in a venue we will charge a small upfront sourcing fee to find you your options in which you can then handle directly with the venue from there! We'll help review the contract of course before you finalize.
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