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Planning a Fraternity Formal in Louisville

Organizing and planning any big event isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to plan a fraternity formal in Louisville!

There are so many details that go into planning any fraternity formal that it can be easy to miss some of the things you’ll need to think about. This can be overwhelming for college students since you’re already busy with classes, homework, social activities, and just life in general. Adding something else to your plate can feel like a burden.

In order to plan a trip that you and your fraternity are going to remember for a lifetime without stressing yourself out, you’ll want to give yourself lots of time. Most formals take at least one whole semester to plan out, and we also recommend scheduling time to research everything, as well.

The information below will help you get started on organizing your fraternity formal in Louisville.

1. Transportation: Getting from your University to Louisville.

Obviously, you can’t have a formal in Louisville without getting there first!

When looking at transportation companies, there are a number of things to look into, such as the company’s dependability. You want to make sure everyone arrives safe and sound, so make sure the company you choose has a reliable reputation. Do you trust that they will be able to get your group to your formal weekend safely and in a timely manner?

Think about how many people are in your group because this will determine how many buses or other vehicles you’ll need to rent. Does the company have enough vehicles for your group? Are they available on the dates you’ve chosen for your formal?

Finally, don’t forget about getting around Louisville. Can the transportation company also get you around town? From the hotel to the venue? Or is it best just to use apps like Uber or Lyft when you arrive?

The company we love most in Louisville is Ambassador Capital Limo Services.

2. Hotels: Staying in Louisville.

The next major thing you’ll want to plan is where you’re all going to sleep.

Having everything booked no later than Thanksgiving will help ensure that you get everything you want.

Also, it’s best to work out your fraternity’s budget before starting to research so you know what everyone is willing to spend. Do your brothers want to spend more on the hotel or the venue? How much will the hotel charge for a group of your size? Will they even take a large group like yours?

Other things to keep in mind when choosing your hotel:

  • Is it in a safe area?

  • Is it close to the venue you want, or will you need to arrange transportation between the two?

  • Will they expect a down payment up front, or can you make payments over time?

  • What’s check-in like?

As you probably know, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, which occurs every year on the first Saturday of May. It does get busy around this time of year, and hotels can get booked up, so if you’re planning on having your formal in April or May, it’s best to plan ahead!

Having these details worked out will help you find the best hotel for your fraternity, and to help you get started, here are our top Louisville hotels: Omni Louisville Hotel, 21c Louisville, and Hotel Distil.

3. Venues: Entertainment in Louisville.

Now for the most fun part of planning a formal: finding a unique venue!

Like we said earlier, this city is the home of the Kentucky Derby, so there’s plenty of places to dance the night away and much entertainment to be had.

When it comes to picking your venue, there are a few elements that you’ll need to consider:

  • Space: We’ve discussed group size already, but that comes back into play for venues, too. Does the venue you want have the capacity to hold your group comfortably? Will you need to split into separate groups?

  • Refreshments: Who can go a night without eating, especially if you’re planning to move around and dance? Does the venue provide this or will you need to work this into the budget?

  • Availability: Many of the venues in Louisville are also used for other big events like weddings, so is the venue open on the dates of your formal? Will you need to book it during the day or at night?

This is going to be the most fun night of the whole trip! Keep in mind what your group likes, what they’re willing to pay for, and then pick the venue that’ll work best for your fraternity.

Check out these venues we love the most: Event and Conference Center at ShelbyHurst Campus, The Gillespie, and Ice House.

4. Last Thoughts: Are you ready to go?

There’s tons to think about when planning your fraternity formal, and what we’ve just mentioned are your major checkpoints, but there are a few final details you don’t want to forget.

The biggest thing you’ll want to have down is the fraternity’s budget. This will essentially determine the whole trip, along with what the group wants to do and see.

When thinking about the budget, you’ll also want to consider these questions:

  • How will you make sure payments are made on time?

  • Is someone in the fraternity okay with negotiating? Can they negotiate with the sales managers and ensure you all are getting the best rates?

  • Do you know if you’re overpaying for any of your major items?

What can often happen is that at the beginning stages of planning, your Social or Formal Chair is totally on board with everything, asking questions and getting things going. But, as life happens with school picking up, plans stall and time goes on, which means that availability for the places and things you want goes down while their prices go way up.

If the idea of planning and organizing all of this is completely overwhelming, you’re not alone! You want to create something that you and your fraternity aren’t going to forget, and getting everything done can be hard to do with everyone so busy.

BigDaddy Formals has been there, and we understand. We’ve planned several successful formals for fraternities and sororities because we know the industry. Not only have we created relationships with various hospitality companies in Louisville, we know what to look for when it comes to booking hotels, venues, and transportation.

We’ll help you get your formal planned with ease and comfort and remove the worry from your shoulders. Speak with our team about your fraternity formal in Louisville here.

Want to see what BigDaddy Formals can do for you? Check it out!

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