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Consider These Factors That Impact Your Frat Formal’s Turnout

If you're in charge of planning events for your sorority or fraternity, organizing is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Consider these factors that affect your frat formal turnout to ensure you get as many people in it as possible!

Factor #1: Budget

The budget for social events comes from the dues that chapter members pay each semester. Whether you want to charge members an additional fee for attendance depends on how cost-effective you plan your event and what kind of event it is. It is more common to have an extra admission charge for a formal or semi-formal event than for a regular social event.

You could also plan other events, like grab-a-dates, sisterhood/brotherhood socials, and philanthropy events. Be sure to make a budget on a spreadsheet and stick to it!

Factor #2: Theme

Picking a theme for a social event is one of the most important aspects of planning. This is especially true for a sorority or fraternity, as events are always happening, and Greek organizations tend to repeat themes.

As social chair, it is your responsibility to come up with an event that is both unique and enjoyable so that everyone will remember it. Getting ideas from Pinterest is a great way to start, but you should also get input from some chapter members to ensure the theme is something they want to participate in.

Factor #3: Location

The most difficult part of event planning is finding a venue that fits the theme of the frat formal. It is important to ensure the venue complements the event, so it is not out of place. Getting catering quotes from prospective venues is also a good idea to ensure food and drink are taken care of.

Factor #4: Date and Time

Picking a date for your event before finding a venue may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but it can simplify your planning process.

Having a few dates in mind allows you to be flexible when booking a venue and be more likely to find a space that works with your schedule. Plus, your sanity will thank you for avoiding the headache of trying to coordinate sudden changes at the last minute.

Factor #5: A Sign-Up Sheet

Your chapter members must RSVP for your upcoming event! Create a sign-up sheet for them to fill out, including a form field for their shirt size. You can set up an online invitation system or have a paper version available at chapter meetings. Make sure to give them a deadline to RSVP, and don't forget to account for their plus-ones!

Factor #6: Transportation

After confirming your headcount, you can book transportation. Buses are typically the best option for large groups, but every campus has different policies regarding transportation and insurance. Check with your executive board and student government for any on- and off-campus policies you must follow.

Factor #7: Entertainment

If you want to save cash, you can hire a DJ to play tunes and remix them all night. You’re sure to keep the groove bumping and everyone jiving the moment they step in.


Get your frat formal together with Big Daddy Formals. Our team will address any issues and discuss possible ideas on which you might want more info. We'll help you figure out if there's something you feel our team might be more equipped to handle or a specific setup you may want to take advantage of. Talk to a planner through our website!

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