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Read This First before Going to Your Fraternity Formal

Your annual fraternity formal is a big event that takes a lot of planning. You have to be creative, budget-minded, and well-organized to make it a success. From cool invitations to a delicious menu, from the perfect venue to entertainment that will get everyone talking, you’ll have your work cut out for you. And don’t forget the need to find a hot date and a great outfit, too!

Here’s everything you need to learn before even going to one.

Attendance and Invites

After deciding on a date and venue for your event, you need to find out who is available to attend. You can ask for people to include their date's name if you plan on making name cards. A more modern approach would be to create a Facebook Event Page and do a poll to get a tentative headcount. Don’t forget to message them a week before the event so they can RSVP to the fraternity formal.

Event Theme

You want to set the mood for the evening with some elegant decorations. Sometimes simple is better, and it's usually cheaper too! Pick out a classy color scheme and buy things like tablecloths, runners, candles, and centerpieces. Remember, this is a fraternity formal, not the usual weekend frat party. You want to make a good impression.


Depending on how the fraternity formal will play out, you have a couple of options here:

  • Get in internal MC to segue between program segments.

  • Use and keep your Spotify playlist on loop if it’s just a gathering.

  • Hire a DJ or live band to pump the energy towards the night's end.


A couple of pizza boxes, beer cases, and kegs won’t do the job, hoss. You'll want to hire a caterer for a function this size. Get an idea of people's food preferences first, as there will likely be vegetarians among the guests. Make sure to include a meat-free option!


When planning an event, you should choose the venue and then plan everything else. Instead of just going to the same place, you always research and find a new place.

To find the best place to go for your night out, ask around and get some recommendations from friends. Once you have a few options, compare the amenities and costs of each venue to help you make the best decision.


Group transportation is always the safest bet when hosting your fraternity formal. This is because it avoids dangerous end-of-the-evening scenarios. You should charter a bus to shuttle all the couples to and from the venue.

Ticketing System

This means that you should charge a reasonable amount for tickets to your fraternity formal so that you can make some money to cover the event's costs, but not so much that it will be a financial burden for your attendees. You should also have everyone RSVP and purchase tickets in advance to plan accordingly. If you can save on the cost of the venue, you may use that money to get better entertainment.


When planning a fraternity formal, it's easy to get stressed out. However, it's important to remember that people primarily remember the good times they had with friends. The other details are simply bonuses. By following these tips, you and your friends can have an amazing time!

Contact Big Daddy Formals today to get all these squared away and more! We’ve worked with all college Greek fraternities and sororities for the past decade, so we know what we’re doing in food, logistics, attendance, theme, etc. Work with us right now and save your chapter thousands of dollars while mastering fraternity formal planning!

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